Friday, July 25, 2008

Do I still remember how to do this?

There is such a thing as being too accessible. It's called living in the part of the city where people will insist on picking you up for a gimmick even though what you'd rather do is stay at home and sort your laundry. Of course, this would be a non-issue IF you were the sort of person who would tell people that you will not go out with them and they can stuff it. 

I am not that person.

* * *

I've been living in Salcedo for more than six months now, and it has truly worked out. I lucked out finding a friend with a small room to let in a condominium along de la Costa. My daily weekday routine is to wake up at the latest possible time so that I can take a shower, get ready and still have the eight minutes walking time I need to get in my office by 9am. The route to work is okay. I go through Velasquez Park and normally there is only a little doggie poo to worry about. There are many cute dogs. I know the dogs, and not their helper-walkers. Scarcely anyone walks their own dogs in this park. But this is not surprising. They will not walk their children either. In the evenings, on the way home, I normally will not pass through the park grounds.  

We are in Makati CBD so there is a choice of 18 Starbucks to go to within a 250 meter radius. It is frustrating because the cute baristas never seem to stay in one location long enough.

* * *

I have not explored much of Legaspi Village, but already judge that it is the village on the wrong side of Ayala Avenue. 
Next time: favorite neighborhood spots.

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